The Iwatsu ACD product has won numerous awards from the telecommunications industry.
"1999 Best of show" - Call center magazine
"1998 Product of the year" - Call center solutions magazine
Best of show - CTI expo spring '99
Since 1989 Iwatsu has established and has supported the ACD environment with TASKE software.
This software not only monitors call progress and agent statistics, TASKE allows a supervisor to actually replay past events to assist in determining staffing and customer needs.
With this screen, minute by minute events can be watched to see what has happened in the past. While reports on paper are nice, seeing events transpire leaves no doubt as to what has happened in the past. The speed of events can be controlled as well, allowing a whole day to be viewed in minutes.
TASKE software will even operate in a multiple site enviorment allowing a single supervisor access to multiple site data through a WAN link.
With TASKE chat, a supervisor and agents can relay messages in real time, allowing for supervisors to broadcast messages to the staff, or to give pointers to individuals while on a call. Because the information is conveyed through a computer window, the actual ACD call is not disrupted.
Threshold alarms and customized reports are other valued options which make TASKE and the Iwatsu ACD package a valuable asset.